The Story

Terry and Diane have long loved the cottage aesthetic. In 2014, they decided it was time to share that love so they opened their shop in downtown Stillwater. Fearful that each of their own homes were riding that dangerous wave of cute turned into clutter, something needed to happen! Now you can benefit from their love of all things vintage.

The Sisters

There really are sisters! And they’ve found, hauled, fixed, painted, priced and polished everything seen in the shop.


Terry - The Picker

When it comes to hunting, junking, discovering the unexpected, re-imagining the ordinary, staging displays, meeting people and sharing our eclectic taste, that’s all Terry.

Pulling up to a flea market, her heart beats faster at the thrill of what she’ll find that day. Maybe a dining set with chair legs that looked as if chewed by a beaver. True story! Or a $2 bookend that turned out to have a $100 true value.


Diane - The Painter

Growing up, we watched our mom haul home crusty, rusty estate sale finds. At an early age, Diane was working by her side, restoring old pieces with layers upon layers of paint.

And now it’s up to Diane to prepare each piece Terry finds for its next story. What does she do with the beaver (okay, it was a dog) chewed dining set? Using both her creative talents and eye for great design, Diane lovingly (with a few choice words) gives it new life. Read about her process in her blog What's Upstairs.

Her talent goes beyond restoring furniture. Diane also makes stenciled signs, stamped jewelry and keeps even more busy with an Etsy shop called Lucky Stone Design.